Other contributions

Student Research Competition

Using Parsing Agents As A Service for Data Privacy Stephen Rodriguez
Just-In-Time Bug Prediction in Mobile Applications: The Domain Matters! Gemma Catolino
Toward Client-Centric Approaches for Latency Minimization in Mobile Applications Yixue Zhao

Invited Paper: The Future of Mobile SE

Future of Mobile Software for Smartphones and Drones: Energy and Performance Abhijeet Banerjee, Abhik Roychoudhury
The Soot-based Toolchain for Analyzing Android Apps Steven Arzt, Siegfried Rasthofer, Eric Bodden

New Ideas

Towards the quality improvement of cross-platform mobile applications Matias Martinez, Sylvain Lecomte
Towards Mobile Twin Peaks for App Development Giovanna Avellis, Julian Harty, and Yijun Yu
A Set of Metrics for the Effort Estimation of Mobile Apps Gemma Catolino, Pasquale Salza, Carmine Gravino, Filomena Ferrucci

Tool Demo and Mobile Apps

Towards Native Code Offloading Platforms for Image Processing in Mobile Applications: A Case Study Guillermo Valenzuela, Andres Neyem, Jose I. Benedetto, Jaime Navon, Pablo Sanabria, Juan A. Karmy and Felipe Balbontin
IFMLEdit.org: Model Driven Rapid Prototyping of Mobile Apps Carlo Bernaschina, Sara Comai and Piero Fraternali
Configuration Service for Mobile Apps Nili Guy-Ifergan, Dmitri Pikus, Idan Ben-Harrush and Vadim Eisenberg
Leafactor: Improving Energy Efficiency of Android Apps via Automatic Refactoring Luis Cruz, Rui Abreu and Jean-Noël Rouvignac
M-Perm: A Lightweight Detector for Android Permission Gaps Piper Chester, Chris Jones, Mohamed Wiem Mkaouer and Daniel Krutz
P-Lint: A Permission Smell Detector for Android Applications Colton Dennis, Mohamed Wiem Mkaouer and Daniel Krutz
Authoring Tool for Location-based Learning Experiences Agustina M. Zimbello, Federico M. Alconada Verzini, Cecilia Challiol, Alejandra B. Lliteras and Silvia E. Gordillo
CATE: Concolic Android Testing Using Java PathFinder for Android Applications Patrick McAfee, Mohamed Wiem Mkaouer and Daniel Krutz
On-Device Bug Reporting for Android Applications Kevin Moran, Richard Bonett, Carlos Bernal-Cárdenas, Brendan Otten, Daniel Park and Denys Poshyvanyk


Authentication in Selected Mobile Data Collection Systems: current state, challenges, solutions and gaps Marriette Katarahweire, Engineer Bainomugisha, Khalid Mughal
A Framework for Regression Testing of Outdoor Mobile Applications Carlo Bernaschina, Roman Fedorov, Darian Frajberg, Piero Fraternali
Dynamic Encryption Key Security Scheme (DEKSS) for Mobile and Cloud Systems Stephen Rodriguez, Paolina Centonze
CheckDroid: A Tool for Automated Detection of Bad Practices in Android Applications using Taint Analysis Sergio Yovine, Gonzalo Winniczuk