Accepted Posters

Title Authors
BaranC: A Service-Oriented Cloud-Based User Interaction and Data Analysis Framework Mohammad Hashemi and John Herbert
Towards Having a Cloud of Mobile Devices Specialized for Software Testing Mehmet Cagri Calpur and Cemal Yilmaz
Mobile User Identification through Authentication using Keystroke Dynamics and Accelerometer Biometrics Kyle Corpus, Ralph Joseph Gonzales, Alvin Scott Morada and Larry Vea
Requirements Measures to Estimate Method Calls in Android Apps Rita Francese, Carmine Gravino, Michele Risi, Giuseppe Scanniello and Genoveffa Tortora
Discovery and Selection Mechanism of Cloudlets in a Decentralized MCC environment Dilay Parmar, A. Sathish Kumar, Ashwin Nivangune, Padmaja Joshi and Udai Rao
Inter-App Communication between Android Apps Developed in App-Inventor and Android Studio Lance Allison and Mohammad Fuad
BehaviorDroid: Monitoring Android Applications Alexis Silva and Jocelyn Simmonds
Middleware for Writing Distributed Applications on Physical Computing Devices Michael Lesicisn and Qusay Mahmoud
Preserving Energy Resources using an Android Kernel Extension Luis Corral, Ilenia Fronza, Nabil El Ioini, Andrea Janes and Peter Plant
Mobile Exergaming: Exgergames On the Go Pradeep Buddharaju and Yokeshwaran Lokanathan
Regression Test Selection for Android Applications Quan Do, Guowei Yang, Meiru Che, Darren Hui and Jefferson Ridgeway