Technical papers accepted

Same App, Different App Stores: A Comparative Study Mohamed Ali, Mona Erfani Joorabchi, Ali Mesbah
Assessing the Impact of Service Workers on the Energy Efficiency of Progressive Web Apps Ivano Malavolta, Giuseppe Procaccianti, Paul Noorland, Petar Vukmirovic
Roaming Nairobi Roads: Instrumenting Roads Under Resource Constraint John Wamburu, David Kaguma, Michiaki Tatsubori, Aisha Walcott, Komminist Weldemariam, Reginald Bryant
Code Smells in iOS Apps: How do they compare to Android? Sarra Habchi, Geoffrey Hecht, Romain Rouvoy, Naouel Moha
Who Changed You? Obfuscator Identification for Android Yan Wang, Atanas Rountev
Performance-based Guidelines for Energy Efficient Mobile Applications Luis Cruz, Rui Abreu
Generating Predicate Callback Summaries for the Android Framework Danilo Dominguez Perez, Wei Le
Detecting Android Smells Using Multi-Objective Genetic Programming Marouane Kessentini, Ali Ouni
Mobile App Development and Management: Results from a Qualitative Investigation Rita Francese, Carmine Gravino, Michele Risi, Giuseppe Scanniello, Genoveffa Tortora

Short papers accepted

Cloud-guided QoS and Energy Management for Mobile Interactive Web Applications Wooseok Lee, Dam Sunwoo, Andreas Gerstlauer, Lizy John
Who Added that Permission to My App? An Analysis of Developer Permission Changes in Open Source Android Apps Daniel Krutz, Nuthan Munaiah, Anthony Peruma, Mohamed Wiem Mkaouer
Automatically Locating Malicious Packages in Piggybacked Android Apps Li Li, Daoyuan Li, Tegawendé F. Bissyandé, Jacques Klein, Haipeng Cai, David Lo, Yves Le Traon
Towards Architectural Styles for Android App Software Product Lines Tobias Durschmid, Matthias Trapp, Jurgen Dollner
Predicting Android Application Security and Privacy Risk With Static Code Metrics Akond Rahman, Priysha Pradhan, Asif Partho, Laurie Williams
Investigating Decreasing Energy Usage in Mobile Apps via Indistinguishable Color Changes Tedis Agolli, Lori Pollock, James Clause
Rethinking the Mobile Code Offloading Paradigm: From Concept to Practice Jose I. Benedetto, Andres Neyem, Jaime Navon, Guillermo Valenzuela
ACCUSE: Helping Users to Minimize Android App Privacy Concerns Majda Moussa, Massimiliano Di Penta, Giulio Antoniol, Giovanni Beltrame
Examining User Complaints of Wearable Apps: A Case Study on Android Wear Suhaib Mujahid, Giancarlo Sierra, Rabe Abdalkareem, Emad Shihab, Weiyi Shang
An Approach to Modeling Call Response Behavior on Mobile Phones Based on Multi-dimensional Contexts Iqbal H. Sarker, Muhammad Ashad Kabir, Alan Colman and Jun Han