Other Contributions

Student Research Competition

Identifying Architectural Technical Debt in Android Applications through Compliance Checking Roberto Verdecchia
Programming Support for Data Intensive Distributed Mobile Applications at the Edge Breno Dantas Cruz
Classifying code comments in Java Mobile Applications Luca Pascarella
Improving Android Permissions Models for Increased User Awareness and Security Jeffrey Palmerino
Does Source Code Quality Reflect the Ratings of Apps? Gemma Catolino



Vision: Improved development of mobile eHealth applications John Grundy, Mohamed Abdelrazek, Maheswaree Curumsing
Acceptance Testing of Mobile Applications – Automated Emotion Tracking for Large User Groups Simon Andre Scherr, Frank Elberzhager, Konstantin Holl
Vision: eHealth Learning and Intervention Platform – eHeLP Mohamed Abdelrazek, John Grundy, Amani Ibrahim, Andrew Cain
Towards a Framework for Proximity-based Hybrid Mobile Applications Valerio Panzica La Manna, Frank Pasveer
Beyond Web/Native/Hybrid: A New Taxonomy for Mobile App Development Robin Nunkesser


Tool Demos and Mobile Apps

TYDR – Track Your Daily Routine. Android App for Tracking Smartphone Sensor and Usage Data Felix Beierle, Vinh Thuy Tran, Mathias Allemand, Patrick Neff, Winfried Schlee, Thomas Probst, Rüdiger Pryss, Johannes Zimmermann
MobiCoMonkey – Context Testing of Android Apps Amit Seal Ami, Rayhanur Rahman, Kazi Sakib, Md. Mehedi Hasan
ICC-Inspect: Supporting Runtime Inspection of Android Inter-Component Communications John Jenkins, Haipeng Cai
Analyzing the User Interface of Android Apps Konstantin Kuznetsov, Vitalii Avdiienko, Alessandra Gorla, Andreas Zeller


Technical Posters

HR-Auth: Heart Rate Data Authentication using Consumer Wearables Alfredo Perez, Kevin Rivera-Morales, Miguel Labrador, Idalides Vergara-Laurens
API for Power-Aware Application Design on Mobile Systems Nadja Peters, Sangyoung Park, Samarjit Chakraborty, Daniel Clifford, Sami Kyostila, Ross Mcilroy, Benedikt Meurer, Hannes Payer
A Performance Evaluation of Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development Approaches Aline Ebone, Yongshan Tan, Xiaoping Jia