Accepted Contributions

Research papers (12 pages)

EdgeReduce: Eliminating Mobile Network Traffic Using Application-Specific Edge Proxies
Andreas Pamboris; Peter Pietzuch

Web API Fragility: How Robust Is Your Mobile Application?
Tiago Espinha; Andy Zaidman; Hans-Gerhard Gross

Beyond Open Source: The TouchDevelop Cloud-based Integrated Development Environment
Thomas Ball; Sebastian Burckhardt; Jonathan De Halleux; Michal Moskal; Jonathan Protzenko; Nikolai Tillmann

Exploiting the Saturation Effect in Automatic Random Testing of Android Applications
Domenico Amalfitano; Nicola Amatucci; Anna Rita Fasolino; Porfirio Tramontana; Emily Kowalczyk; Atif Memon

A Recommender System of Buggy App Checkers for App Store Moderators
Maria Gomez; Romain Rouvoy; Martin Monperrus; Lionel Seinturier

Better Code for Better Apps: A Study on Source Code Quality and Market Success of Android Applications
Luis Corral; Ilenia Fronza

Facilitating the Implementation of Adaptive Cloud Offloading to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Mobile Applications
Young-Woo Kwon; Eli Tilevich

Short papers (4 pages)

Enabling Mobile User Modeling Infrastructure for Personalization in Ubiquitous Computing
Tsvi Kuflik; Eyal Dim; Yevgeni Mumblat

On the Design of a Responsive User Interface for a Multi-Device Web Service
Jari-Pekka Voutilainen; Tommi Mikkonen; Jaakko Salonen

Deverywhere: Develop Software Everywhere
Yishai A. Feldman; Ari Gam; Alex Tilkin; Shmuel Tyszberowicz

EDB: A Multi-Master Database for Liquid Multi-Device Software
Oskari Koskimies; Tapani Mikola; Antero Taivalsaari; Johan Wikman

Management, Sharing and Reuse of Service-Based Mobile Applications
Rita Francese; Michele Risi; Genoveffa Tortora

Mobile Search Through Dynamic Mashups
Diego Fabian Gomez-Pardo; Franklin E. Navia-Urbano; Luis Javier Suarez-Meza; Juan Carlos Corrales

Effectiveness of Multi-Device Testing Mobile Applications
Sergiy Vilkomir; Katherine Marszalkowski; Chauncey Perry; Swetha Mahendrakar

The Grapevine Context Processor: Application Support for Efficient Context Sharing
Sungmin Cho; Christine Julien

i-Scope: A CityGML Framework for Mobile Devices
Bruno Simões; Federico Prandi; Raffaele De Amicis

Hybrid Mobile Apps in the Google Play Store: an Exploratory Investigation
Ivano Malavolta; Stefano Ruberto; Valerio Terragni; Tommaso Soru

Capturing Learner’s Activity Stream Data from a Mobile Learning Environment using an Adaptive Event Framework
Juliet Mutahi; Komminist Weldemariam; Oliver Bent; Andrew Kinai; Bikram Sengupta

Modeling and Test Case Generation of Inter-Component Communication in Android
Ajay Kumar Jha; Sunghee Lee; Woo Jin Lee

Noise Reduction of Mobile Sensors Data in the Prediction of Demographic Attributes
Itay Hazan; Asaf Shabtai

Demonstration papers (2 pages)

A Privacy Preserving Framework for Mobile and Cloud
Slim Trabelsi; Francesco Di Cerbo; Laurent Gomez; Michele Bezzi

Application- and User-sensitive Privacy Enforcement in Mobile Systems
Omer Tripp; Marco Pistoia; Paolina Centonze

Content-based multi-platform App forge
Davide Rogai

Seamless Integration of Urban Mobility Data: The Infoblu Traffic for Expo Mobile App
Andrea Cerino; Maurilio Zuccalà; Irene Celino

Model-Driven Development of Cross-platform Mobile Applications with WebRatio and IFML
Roberto Acerbis; Aldo Bongio; Marco Brambilla; Stefano Butti

The Rise of Serious Games and Gamified Application in Software Development
Luca Galli; Spartaco Albertarelli; Fausto Dassenno; Giuseppe Pasceri

Model-Driven Development and Business Process Modeling Applied to Personal Productivity in the Consumer Mobile App Market
Massimiliano Bancora; Marco Brambilla; Davide Ripamonti; Andrea Vaccarella

3cixty: A Platform for Apps That Offer Comprehensive Views to City Visitors
Catalin-Mihai Barbu; Dominik Kuhn; Adrian Spirescu; Luca Lamorte; Christian Scanu

The Importance of Mobile Software Ecosystems in Smart Rural Areas
Steffen Hess; Matthias Naab; Dominik Magin; Susanne Braun

Posters (2 pages)

User-Centric Monitoring of Sensitive Information Access in Android Applications
Roshanak Roshandel; Robert Tyler

Sensor-based Approach for Predicting Departure Time of Smartphone Users
Ron Biton; Gilad Katz; Asaf Shabtai

Smartphones as Personal Profile Providers: Enhancing Mobile App Architectures
Javier Berrocal; Carlos Canal; José García-Alonso; Niko Mäkitalo; Tommi Mikkonen; Javier Miranda; Juan M. Murillo

Mobile Services for Everyone, Anywhere, at Anytime: Defying Universality as a Quality Attribute
Ahmed Seffah; Daniel Engelberg

Spreadsheet as a Multi-platform Mobile Application
Jerzy Sikora; Jacek Sroka; Jerzy Tyszkiewicz

Three-Dimensional Volume Managers Replacing Window Managers in Augmented Reality Application Paradigm
Antti Peuhkurinen; Tommi Mikkonen

Detecting Antipatterns in Android Apps
Geoffrey Hecht; Romain Rouvoy; Naouel Moha; Laurence Duchien

Extending Mobile Device's Battery Life by Offloading Computation to Cloud
Hao Qian; Daniel Andresen

Security Enhancement Methods for Mobile POS System
Dojun Yang; Inchul Hwang

Cloud-based notification distribution
Irina Astrova; Arne Koschel; Carsten Kleiner; Stefan Nitz

Exception Fault Localization in Android Applications
Hamed Mirzaei; Abbas Heydarnoori

Understanding the Challenges in Mobile Computation Offloading to Cloud through Experimentation
Padmaja Joshi; Ashwin Nivangune; Ranjan Kumar; Satish Kumar; Rakesh Ramesh; Sushant Pani; Arif Chesum

Talks (2 pages)

Future Technologies Supporting the Convergence of Mobile, Wearables, and IoT
Gabi Zodik

Tutorials (2 pages)

Mobile Business Applications – Designing User Interface and Architecture
Susanne Braun; Steffen Hess; Torsten Lenhart; Dominik Magin; Matthias Naab