Technical Papers Accepted

Full Technical Papers

Programming and Runtime Support for Sharing Resources Across Heterogeneous Mobile Devices Zheng Song, Sanchit Chadha, Antuan Byalik, Eli Tilevich
Guiding App Testing with Mined Interaction Models Nataniel Borges Jr., Maria Gomez, Andreas Zeller
Intent to Share: Enhancing Android Inter-Component Communication for Distributed Devices Breno Dantas Cruz, Eli Tilevich
Investigating User Perception and Comprehension of Android Permission Models Anthony Peruma, Jeff Palmerino, Daniel Krutz
LiqDroid: Towards Seamlessly Distributed Android Applications Luciano Baresi, Anita Imani, Cristina Frà, Massimo Valla
ANEL: Robust Mobile Network Programming Using a Declarative Language Xinxin Jin, William Griswold, Yuanyuan Zhou
Development Frameworks for Mobile Devices: A Comparative Study about Energy Consumption Leonardo Corbalan, Juan Fernandez, Alfonso Cuitiño, Lisandro Delía, Germán Cáseres, Pablo Thomas, Patricia Pesado
Automatic Inference of Java-to-Swift Translation Rules for Porting Mobile Applications Kijin An, Na Meng, Eli Tilevich
Ares: Triggering Payload of Evasive Android Malware Luciano Bello, Marco Pistoia
Self-Reported Activities of Android Developers Luca Pascarella, Franz-Xaver Geiger, Fabio Palomba, Dario Di Nucci, Ivano Malavolta, Alberto Bacchelli
AnFlo: Detecting Anomalous Sensitive Information Flows in Android Apps Biniam Fisseha Demissie, Mariano Ceccato, Lwin Khin Shar
An Investigation into Android Run-time Permissions from the End Users’ Perspective Gian Luca Scoccia, Stefano Ruberto, Ivano Malavolta, Marco Autili, Paola Inverardi
Automation of Android Applications Functional Testing Using Machine Learning Activities Classification Ariel Rosenfeld, Orel Zang, Odaya Kardashov
Orlis: Obfuscation-Resilient Library Detection for Android Yan Wang, Haowei Wu, Hailong Zhang, Atanas Rountev
GUIFetch: Supporting App Design and Development through GUI Search Farnaz Behrang, Steven Reiss, Alessandro Orso
P2A: A Tool for Converting Pixels to Animated Mobile Application User Interfaces Siva Natarajan, Christoph Csallner


Short Technical Papers

Detecting No-Sleep Energy Bugs Using Reference Counted Variables Scott Hall, Suman Nataraj, Dae-Kyoo Kim
Automated Detection and Repair of Incompatible Uses of Runtime Permissions in Android Apps Malinda Dilhara, Haipeng Cai, John Jenkins
How Do Android Operating System Updates Impact Apps? Guowei Yang, Jeffrey Jones, Austin Moninger, Meiru Che
Code Offloading Solutions for Audio Processing in Mobile Healthcare Applications: A Case Study Pablo Sanabria, Jose Benedetto, Andres Neyem, Jaime Navon, Christian Poellabauer